Anti baby recalled pills Trigoa: Unwanted pregnancy threatens

Because of incorrectly printed tablets packaging multiple batches of an anti-baby pill to be called back – it application threaten communities errors and unwanted pregnant.

Women, the between 27. November and 3. December the contraceptive "Trigoa" from the affected batches X34106, X51153 and W98332 , to the drug through pharmacies to return, said the Berlin state office for health and social Affairs (Lageso) on Friday.

In these batches the taking order is shown on the so-called blister packs in the wrong. The company Pfizer confirmed on request. Pfizer

"By may result in application error of the medicinal product, the risk of an unwanted pregnancy gegeben&quot is;, warns the Lageso, as the Supervisory authority of the Berlin-based manufacturer. The coated tablets in the pack are different doses, therefore, the correct sequence of intake is important.