5 habits which overeat

According to nutritionists, everyday habits can cause a person usually begins to experience the desire to eat and end up overeating. Experts have named the most common ones.

Not enough hot food.Do not be lazy to cook and reheat food, it safeguards from overeating, experts say. The use of warm food speeds up the transportation of signals of saturation of the organism, which the brain receives from the digestive system.

Little fat.Reverent attitude to the figure of often causes people to limit fat intake. However, the lack of these elements causes a sense of satiety is much faster. The fats that are present in fish, avocado, olive oil, effectively satisfy hunger and healthy.

Late dinners. Nutritionists advise to eat lunch from 12 to 3pm, dinner no later than 9 PM and not less than 3 hours before bedtime. The neglect of this principle contributes to the violation of the metabolism and “breaks” the mechanisms of hunger.

Manner, Yes. Habit to absorb food quickly also contributes to overeating. Insufficient chewing, hasty swallowing pieces creates a situation when the brain does not have time to walk the information that the stomach is full.The meal should last at least 30 minutes.

Quick carbohydrates. Eating large amounts of simple carbohydrates present in cakes, bread, pasta, sweets, is also opsnav be overeating habit. Such foods contain little nutrients, but this dramatically increases the level of insulin in the blood, which then just as quickly falls. Such fluctuations insulin balance and cause a heightened desire to eat.

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