Because he had panic in front of a syringe: the doctor slaps 13-Year-old in the hospital and will be discharged

The young person is in a panic to have a syringe, is responsive. The management of the Ameos-hospital confirmed that there has been an incident, but wanted to give at the request of the Central German newspaper, no Details. The concerned doctor did not want to take over the MZ to the matter.

“There was a misconduct of a medical employee,” said hospital Director Frank Cool on MZ-request. The Happen had been approached by several employees who were witnesses, to the hospital management.

Doctors was first released, then quit without notice

These have responded “promptly” and the employee is free, so Cool. “This behavior ethical value base, is our medicine is not compatible.” The dismissal followed shortly thereafter. Further information on the incident, according to MZ information at the end of November, declined the clinic’s head, and pointed to a running process before the labour court in Magdeburg.

There is a notice protection mechanism between the doctor and the hospital is pending, a court spokesman Reinhard Engshuber on MZ-notify request. The chamber of Physicians of Saxony-Anhalt has also found against the physician, confirmed spokesman Tobias Brehme at the request of the MZ.

Office of the public Prosecutor stopped the investigation

The Ameos-Klinikum had refunded also display. As the Halberstadt upper state told a lawyer Hauke Roggenbuck, had been set up the investigation in the meantime. The reason: The boy’s mother, who was questioned as a witness, had refused to make a criminal complaint. “According to the law, bodily injury, shall be prosecuted only upon individual request,” said Roggenbuck.

Such a private action in tort were to be pursued by the investigating authorities only if a “special public interest” was found, so the chief public Prosecutor. It was in this case not so. For your safety, the Boy had been interviewed, did not want to see the doctor punished.

The doctors Stress due to high workload?

“We have taken into account that there were no criminal antecedents and that there was a short circuit reaction in a stress situation,” says Roggenbuck. The doctor was according to information of the Central German newspaper for years at the hospital.

It remains unclear, in accordance with the setting of the investigation, whether the stress is a situation caused by a too high workload, exacerbated. There have been no signs, emphasized the clinic’s management. “It is neither a verbal or written message is this,” says Frank Cooling. On the day in question not have been in the emergency room is also very much operating. (mz)

This article was written by Katrin Schröder