Caution: chicken meat trade is contaminated with diarrhoea pathogens

More and more chicken meat with bacteria contaminated?

It’s been known for some years that more and more chicken meat is contaminated in the retail sale of dangerous germs. This is made from consumer activists and politicians, especially the Hygiene in the slaughterhouses responsible.

In the food retail sector, more than any second fresh meat tasting of chicken is contaminated with a pathogen for diarrhoea. Such pathogens are especially dangerous for immunocompromised people, and can lead to unpleasant diseases. In 2017, all of 51.8 percent of the samples from chicken meat contained the under the name of Campylobacter-known diarrhoea pathogens. In view of the fact that it was in the year 2011, a contamination of only 31.6 percent of the samples, a dramatic increase.

More and more excitation stations, on our battle

The pathogen was stations in 2017 to battle even in the case of the 78.8 per cent of the chicken found. This was from samples by the Swiss Federal office for consumer protection and food safety (BVL). In 2011, the value stood at a contamination of 40.9 percent, as the Federal government’s answer to a written question from the Green group leaders Anton Hofreiter.

Children, the Elderly and Pregnant women are particularly frequently affected

The pathogen Campylobacter causes annually 60,000 to 70,000 reported illnesses, say experts at the Robert Koch Institute. This corresponds to a Rate of 80 to 90 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. There are some population groups which are particularly affected by the contamination. These include the elderly, pregnant women and children.

There are ways to protect against pathogens?

If the chicken is fried, can this kill the dangerous germs. The meat should be adequately cooked, this can lead to even the slightest accumulation of germs cause consumers serious diseases. As the information provided by the Federal government, has increased the number of contaminated meat, the pathogens causing diarrhea in the past few years.

Why are more and more contaminated chicken meat?

Since there are more and more pathogens contaminated chicken meat, the question is, what is the increase in the impurities is based. The reason for this probably lies in the uninhibited spread of pathogens in the slaughterhouses. In the prevailing hygiene measures is, apparently, taken too little against this particular pathogen.

The conditions on the German battle bad stations

In General, the employees work there in the chord, and the pay is usually below average, which leads to poor Hygiene, explains Hofreiter in a Video. The chicken meat must be chilled after processing, always sufficient in order to avoid contamination with pathogens. Right here another risk for the contamination, because of the gaps in the so-called cold chain from grower to retailer, can cause a warming of the flesh.

Antibiotic-resistant germs can be transmitted through food

The government needs to provide stations for improved Hygiene on our battle. Particularly, the Federal government should do more to ensure that a rectification of the limits for the occurring bacterial load is carried out, calls Hofreiter. If infections are transmitted through germs from animals to people, this is a significant Problem. It is also possible that antibiotic-resistant germs through food transfer, this leads to a significant health risk, explains the protection of consumer rights-chief Klaus Müller.

Germs on meat mainly originate from animal husbandry

Apparently, it is the Federal government, no matter that our meat always contains more diarrhea pathogens and the number of infected people increases. Apparently, the Federal government sets prefer for your protective Hand over the Agricultural and beef industries, criticized Hofreiter. The found germs derived mainly from animal husbandry. At the time of slaughter germs and pathogens can be transferred to the meat of the animals. Therefore it is very important that the slaughter houses will be controlled by experts and, in addition, hygiene measures must be taken. However, it is equally important to require that manufacturers and the trade to improved compliance with the cold chain, so Hofreiter. Thanks to optimised Hygiene and management measures, companies must have the effect that our farm animals to be healthier and the animals, only in exceptional cases, antibiotics will be administered.

Poultry slaughter plants need to optimize their hygiene measures

It is a serious Problem that since a few years an increase in bacterial load (in particular, germs such as Campylobacter) of chicken meat is, the to an increase in cases of diarrhoeal diseases can lead, says the agriculture Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Ursula Heinen-Esser of the CDU. The poultry slaughter establishments are required, you must optimize your hygiene measures. Countries and economies are already in conversation, so that the necessary measures can be carried out.

Treatment of meat with chlorine in Germany is allowed?

In the U.S., it is a permissible method, by a treatment with chlorine existing germs in the meat, explained the Federal Association of the food trade on this subject. In Europe, such treatment of the meat is not allowed, however. However, there are notes on the handling and consumption on the packaging of poultry meat. Such meat is not suitable, it raw to consume, it must be cooked before consumption is not necessarily sufficient. A proper heating the meat can kill the germs reliably. (as)