Smartphones are dirtier unitaznogo seat

The research conducted in the UK showed that the smartphones people are incredibly dirty. The experts concluded that on average, a smartphone lives in a few times more bacteria than unitatem seat.

“The body of the smartphone to seven times dirtier than the seat on the toilet”, – cites the opinion of experts on the pages of the Daily Mail.
The study was conducted by specialists of the British company Initial Washroom Hygiene. The object of their attention were the smartphones of office workers: with the help of special devices was investigated bacterial composition in the mountings of gadgets and also on the surface of cases for them.

After examining the condition of smartphones, the researchers found: a variety of microorganisms that live on them, can be compared with the analyses handkerchiefs. However, is it any wonder? According to scientists, modern man during the day a lot contact with its gadgets. According to the study, up to 40% of people have the habit of taking smart phones to the bathroom and toilet room. Therefore, the concentration of microbes on the device exceeds contamination of the toilet seat – smartphones collect bacteria everywhere, including public places.

Experts strongly recommend to periodically wipe the surface of smart phones with antibacterial wipes and don’t use gadgets in the bathroom. Also it is better not to transfer their smartphones to other people, think war.

“It is particularly dangerous the contact of the smartphone with by human hands may be at a time when the immune system deteriorates. Many people don’t notice that all day, hands to face, while the bacteria can easily penetrate into the mouth and nostrils, to settle on the mucous membranes,” the scientists warned.
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