Energy even a small amount has a detrimental effect on the vessels

The use of energy drinks even a small amount of “kills” blood vessels – as evidenced by the results of research experts from the Medical school McGovern in Houston. These researchers prepared a special report that will be presented at the meeting of the American heart Association in Chicago.

Use only one-energy drink can have a detrimental effect on the blood vessels and lead to unpredictable negative consequences for the circulatory system, scientists say. They analyzed data of an experiment involving several dozen healthy medical students aged 20 years, who, during the experience of drinking energy.

In particular, the experts have tested the function of blood vessel endothelium – the layer of specialized cells lining the inside of the entire cardiovascular system. This test was conducted twice, before and after (90 minutes) use of energy.

Experts were able to verify that even one drunk a jar of energy could cause dysfunction of the vascular endothelium.
It turned out that the drink led to a sharp narrowing of blood vessels.

“90 minutes after the power expansion vessel fell from 5.1% in diameter to 2.8% in diameter. This greatly hinders the flow of blood and oxygenation of tissues,” stated the authors of the project.
Preliminary studies identified and other problems associated with drinking energy drinks, for example, the occurrence of damage in the liver, high blood pressure, the development of dental erosion.

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