Goiter in women – symptoms and treatments

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Dysbiosis – what is it?

Factors of development of dysbacteriosis


Diagnosis of dysbiosis

How to restore the body when dysbacteriosis?

With the problems of violations of the microflora of the face regardless of age and gender. However, it should be noted that dysbacteriosis in infants, the next highest risk group are women. This is due to the relationship of any violations in the digestive tract with the possibility of the development of vaginal dysbiosis. Often these issues provoke the appearance of each other. Therefore, when identifying one, it is necessary to conduct a preventive therapy against the other. Magicforum find out what are the ways of treatment of goiter, and how to recognize a goiter.

Dysbiosis – what is it?

When you see the light girl her vagina is sterile, for several days it is colonized by bacteria, whose existence oxygen is not required, it is staphylococci, anaerobes and streptococci. In puberty, hormonal changes occur in the composition of the flora. In healthy women can “live” for about 40 species of bacteria. The bulk of lacto-and bifidobacteria. They are all in the safe equilibrium relative to each other and to the organism as a whole, as they do not allow it to develop other bacteria and control its own strength.

Themselves useful to the body women are lactobacilli, which are able to suppress the growth of harmful microbes, producing hydrogen peroxide. The protective level higher than the potential of most antibiotics. Value of normal microflora, according to most experts, is so great that it is called microecological system of the body that is responsible for the reproductive function of women.

Under the influence of various conditions may occur violation of this balance, dysbiosis (dysbiosis). The essence of which lies in the fact that the colonies of some microorganisms grow and suppress all others.

Factors of development of dysbacteriosis

•a stressful situation;


•treatment with antibiotics;

•hormonal changes – pregnancy or oral contraceptives;

•infectious diseases;

•problems with the gastrointestinal tract;

•improper use of hygiene products during menstruation.


The appearance of irritation and itching in the genital organs, the presence of large atypical discharge with a characteristic odor, dryness and discomfort during intercourse. These manifestations may have varying degrees of intensity, from strong to subtle. Dysbiosis is chronic with periods of exacerbations and remissions.

Dysbacteriosis is manifested in the feeling of heaviness, bloating, disturbance of bowel movements, loss of appetite, the development of beriberi, the possibility of occurrence of gastritis or ulcers.

Diagnosis of dysbiosis

For accurate diagnosis of the relevant specialist conducting the examination, appoint microbiological analysis of smears and bacteriological culture to determine the composition of the microflora.

Methods of treatment of a dysbacteriosis

Competent treatment of dysbiosis should be carried out simultaneously in several directions:

•suppression of bacteria that suppress the growth of other organisms;

•restoration of normal microflora;

•restoration of immunity of the whole body of women in General.

The first step is to eliminate violations of the microflora. In that case, if dysbiosis occurs due to sexually transmitted infection, the primary goal of treatment is elimination of the causative agent. Therapy involves the compulsory acceptance of antibacterial drugs. If infectionsare not identified, a course of antibiotics is about 3 days, never performed. A noticeable effect of local treatments that combine the main goal of treatment is suppression of pathogenic microorganisms, the population of the useful life and immunocorrection. The use of antiseptics for the local procedures is significantly more effective than the use of antibiotics. This is due to a broad spectrum of action, and resistance antiseptics.

How to restore the body when dysbacteriosis?

The main part of treatment is the restoration of normal microflora, which is the arrival of the woman’s body with beneficial bacteria. For this purpose, widely used various preparations containing live bacteria – probiotics General and local type of action.

Immune restoration is an important element of the course of therapy in the treatment of dysbiosis. A normally functioning immune system is able to control the microflora, not allowing them to multiply and grow pathogenic organisms. To strengthen the immune abilities apply immunomodulators local destination.

On average, the treatment takes about 3 weeks, then conducted a visual inspection and sampling of material for analysis. Next, you need to periodically engage in the prevention of dysbiosis, you need to visit the doctor at least 3 times throughout the year. This gives you the opportunity to assess the state of the microflora and to trace all changes, detection of which carry out preventive courses of therapy.

To the prevention of dysbiosis include the following: – rational use of antibiotics, timely treatment of diseases of the digestive system, balanced diet.

Preventive doses is useful for the female organism bacteria contained in the products enriched with live cultures of bacteria. Their number is enough to restore microflora with a slight pathology, with no risk of overdose or side effects in the admissions process. Such products are marked “organic” on the package, usually it is milk products. 100-250 grams of this drink a day is enough for prevention of dysbiosis, it is necessary to pay attention to the terms and conditions of product storage is not recommended to use product with a shelf life of more than 7 days.

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