High cholesterol: what is dangerous and how to reduce?

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How dangerous is high cholesterol

What causes high cholesterol?

Foods that lower cholesterol

It is believed that high cholesterol is extremely dangerous for human health. In this article we will tell you whether this really is and what can be done to reduce it.

How dangerous is high cholesterol

Cholesterol is important for everyone, doctors say. But should maintain it in the normal range, otherwise you may have different consequences. There are two types of cholesterol high and low density. Threat the second type, because it carries fat cells in blood vessels, contributing to the formation of fatty plaques. But first removes fat from the cells. Most interesting is that no special measurements people are not able to understand what is the level of cholesterol. Symptoms that indicate the high level, as there are none.

What is dangerous high cholesterol? It leads to the appearance of plaques, the lumen of the blood vessels becomes smaller. Increased cholesterol levels can also develop angina, the risk of myocardial infarction. It is not excluded that appears coronary heart disease, in which there is damage to the arteries, delivering oxygen and blood to the heart muscle. Very often, when a high level of cholesterol is formed by the blockage of the arteries and raises the risk of atherosclerosis.

Despite the fact that by itself, high cholesterol does not cause any symptoms, concomitant diseases have certain symptoms. These include:

  • Pain in legs after slight exertion;
  • Angina by reducing the lumen of the vessels;
  • The rupture of blood vessels;
  • The presence of clots in the blood;
  • Heart failure;
  • The rupture of plaques;
  • The formation of yellow spots on the skin, often on the eye area.

What causes high cholesterol?

Quite often people blame themselves for the fact that the level of cholesterol higher than normal. One of the most basic indicators of this is the improper diet. There are numerous products in which cholesterol is exceeded. As a result, he grows in the human body. Especially dangerous in this case saturated fats, which in excess have a fatty meat, sweet products, sausages, hard cheeses.

Another precipitating factor is a sedentary lifestyle. Those who do not engage in any activity, are more prone to high cholesterol. This is confirmed by many studies.

The third reason is the presence of harmful habits. The most harmful in this respect can be called Smoking and alcohol. They cause the cholesterol level becomes higher.

Finally, the level of cholesterol increases due to excess weight, which often occurs in particular because of the complex of the mentioned factors. Often these people eat foods that have high cholesterol.

There are some factors that have nothing to do with the way of life. For example, the heredity — if family had this problem, it is likely that you have also formed. Also often affected and the sex of the person. It is known that men with cholesterol levels higher than in women. Women it increases during menopause. Age also refers to the following reasons: the older a person is, the higher the level of cholesterol.

Well, since cholesterol directly affects your heart, it must follow.

Foods that lower cholesterol

And help to lower cholesterol, can certain products.

In the first place to include in your diet olive oil. This product is a dietary contains only vegetable fats. If you used to buy the sunflower, it is likely to wean. Olive and pleasant to the taste, and is much more useful — it is easier digested and does not allow the cholesterol to exceed the norm.

Citrus products are also necessary to people who want to lower cholesterol. It’s all in the amount of pectin, which when injected into the stomach removes the extra cholesterol. This allows him not to get blood, since all the work occurs in the stomach. Most helpful to eat tangerines and oranges 30 minutes before a meal.

You also need to eat nuts. They — a real storehouse of vitamins, vegetative fats and minerals that are beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Nuts are the most effective in obesity — the product satisfies hunger, not allowing the person to overeat.

Green tea is also helpful in this regard. The reason is tannin, which controls the level of cholesterol. To reduce it by a Cup of green tea.

One of the best products in order to reduce cholesterol, can be called marine fish. You probably guess that the reason lies in the omega-3 fatty acids, which affect the whole body system and heart.

It is equally important to include in the diet of bell pepper. This product contains many vitamins which are useful for the functioning of the heart vessels, reduce cholesterol and the provision of action against sclerosis.

Useful and eggplant, which has a lot of potassium needed for cardiovascular system. Also this product helps to lower the cholesterol level.

The menu should be present bean products and carrots. They contain pectin which helps to lower cholesterol.

Useful tips:

If you want to bring cholesterol levels back to normal, you should not bite sandwiches. Choose healthy snacks — dried fruits, nuts, slices. No of sausages, which are a source of unhealthy fats. You can also replace some of the soy products that will help to normalize cholesterol.

It is necessary to abandon bad habits, to give the sport a minimum of 15 minutes a day. This will allow you to bring the weight back to normal. And as a result, all of the above measures will help to reduce cholesterol.