A new method of radiation therapy kills cancer in seconds

Experts at Stanford University have developed a revolutionary new method of radiotherapy, which allows to significantly reduce the time of irradiation of cancerous tumors. The new method is able to kill cancer in seconds, writes Eurek Alert.

Stanford scientists have created a method of affecting cancer cells, called the PHASER (PHASER), the basis of this know-how formed high energy physics. The scientists said that the use of this type of radiation therapy allows cancer patients to undergo 2-3 sessions of radiation therapy, the session will last a matter of seconds. Today in the treatment of cancer patients under irradiation for a few minutes.

“A new method of radiation therapy allows not only to reduce the time of treatment, but also eliminates possible side effects from this treatment,” – said the researchers.
Radiation therapy is one of the most effective methods in the fight against cancer, but it also damages healthy tissue, resulting in numerous side reactions. The developers added that the new method provides a very accurate effect of the beam without killing healthy cells adjacent to cancerous.

“During short bursts, aimed directly at a cancerous tumor, the patient will not have time to change the body position, which reduces the risk of damage to healthy tissues,” the expert explained.
It is expected that a working system ready for clinical trials, will appear in the next 3-5 years.

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