Kate Upton Now Works Out to ‘Feel Healthy’ — Not to 'Fit into a Certain Dress Size’

During her early years as a model, Kate Upton only exercised to fit into the clothes and skimpy swimsuits on set. But finding the right workout — and trainer — in recent years completely changed her mindset.

“My perspective on working out has changed from wanting to fit into a certain dress size and hit certain measurements, to working out to feel healthy, strong, and energized for my lifestyle,” Upton, 26, tells PEOPLE. “It is rewarding to have a routine that I can keep up consistently and something that is not a quick fix or fad.”

She found that with Ben Bruno, who helped her transform her body and build serious muscle during their workouts for five to six days a week.

“My favorite thing about Ben is his practical attitude towards fitness,” Upton says. “He doesn’t make workouts so hard that I can’t walk the next day or don’t have enough energy to make it through the day. But, they’re extremely effective and have amazing results! I think that’s key to keeping up a consistent workout routine.”

The new mom says Bruno understands how to program a workout for her needs.

“When I started strength training with Ben, it was easy to commit to our program because of its balance of strength training, cardio, and rest,” she says.

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And now, Upton and Bruno are teaming up outside of the gym to make their workouts available to anyone. The program, called Strong4Me, is a 12-week fitness plan with 30 minute workouts that people can do at home with minimal equipment.

“The Strong4Me fitness program is geared towards busy women on-the-go of all ages,” Upton says. “It was important to me to share the exact program I’ve personally been using with Ben because it has been sustainable and helps me to feel strong, confident, and healthy!”

Upton says their workouts have changed what health means to her.

“For me, it’s all about feeling good,” she says. “When I’m eating healthy and staying active, I feel the best about myself and my body. That’s why consistency through a sustainable, practical program is key for me.”

And she loves having that muscle.

“My favorite part of my body is my strength,” Upton says. “I love how working out makes me feel and that it gives me the energy to accomplish what I need.”

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