Natural Fragrance? Scented candles are unhealthy?

Chemicals and pollutants: scented candles can be harmful to health

Baked Apple, Orange-cinnamon or vanilla: especially in the advent and Christmas scented candles are very popular. With the scents in the nose of many people in the mood for the joyous Festival. However, the Burning of the candles can sometimes also damage the health. Very small children can suffer.

With Christmas scents in the happy Festive mood

In the cold Season and especially in the advent and Christmas season many people want to bring in with candles, warmth, comfort and romantic light in the apartment. Especially scented candles with Christmas scents are currently very popular. With gingerbread, baked Apple or Zimataroma you can get into the mood wonderfully on the cheerful. However, many scented candles pose a health risk. Especially for small children, the products can be dangerous.

Allergic Reactions

Problematic fragrance can be, among other things, for the people candles, the suffer from a fragrance Allergy. The scents lead quickly to discomfort or, occasionally, breathing problems.

In addition, the contact with the candles in the case of Allergy sufferers can have allergic reactions of the skin such as eczema or rashes.

But there are also people who do not suffer from an Allergy, react to the Burning of scented candles, sometimes with complaints such as headaches, cough, watery eyes, or Nausea.

Blame for this can be the different ingredients of the candle.

Health-Threatening Pollutants

So, experts advise, for example, candles made from Paraffin. When Burning this petroleum product pollutants, which can cause headaches.

Pesticides and heavy metals such as zinc and lead can pose a health hazard.

Gel candle as well as synthetically perfumed candles can also have complaints such as cough, dizziness, Nausea, headache, and allergic reactions.

Scented candles can promote cancer

According to British scientists, some scented candles can stimulate, even cancer, as these sometimes enormous amounts of formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is toxic, can cause cancer and even in lower doses, among other things, bleeding from the nose, coughing or eye cause burning.

As the researchers of the University of York found in a study, the concentrations found in the tested products significantly higher than thought.

Hazard especially for small children

For infants and small children, scented candles, fragrance sticks and fragrance can be lamps, essential Oils burning, dangerous.

The professional Association of child and youth doctors (BVKJ) has on its website “”.

“Even if a lot of scented candles, contain rods and lamps, natural essential Oils, they are harmful to children,” explains Dr. Josef Kahl, the speaker of the children’s and youth doctors.

“By combustion, including fine dust, soot, and even formaldehyde-free and are spread in the air. You can irritate the skin and mucous membranes and cause allergies,“ says the expert.

To the aromatization of the rooms do without

In addition, according to the doctors essential Oils can be ingested in gel form or as a liquid of small children.

“And as for candles, so burning is a risk. Where children are present, one should renounce on the aromatization of spaces,“ says the physician.

“Scented candles, sticks and lamps, as well as the corresponding Oils and Gels must also be outside of the reach of infants and small children,” said Kahl.

Candles without the smoke clear

If you want to use scented candles, you should use, according to experts on environmentally friendly products.

Especially candles, which are made of 100% bees wax are recommended. Although these are more expensive, but burn slower than Paraffin, and have a longer life span.

And no matter what products are used: candles should on soot best as possible – and smoke-free will be deleted.

Moreover, the Federation for environment and nature conservation Germany (BUND), recommends: The candle wick when you Make a short kill, in the liquid wax diving and then quickly straighten up again.

So not only is no smoke does not arise, but the method also has the advantage that the candle can be next Time better lighting. (ad)