Nervous women helps champagne

Psychologists from Spain made a recommendation nervous women regularly drink a certain amount of champagne. The study showed that this habit helps women who have a lot of nervous, to relax and be better protected from neuronal disorders.

In particular, the authors of this recommendation, the staff of the Institute for research of food products in Madrid, stated: “the Use of nerve of champagne helps women to cope with stress and increases protection of an organism against age-related diseases neurophysiological in nature.”

Champagne causes the blood vessels to expand, allowing the alcohol quickly enters the bloodstream and restorative the n inner blocks. As a result, nervous women is reduced the level of anxiety and emotional tension.

Preliminary scientific research has shown that champagne, like any wine, it contains antioxidant substances. These compounds effectively help to fight free radicals – molecules that cause cell damage, oxidation of the body and aging. Thus, experts say, the champagne helps to protect nerve cells of the brain from destruction. Nervous women, who are particularly prone to age-related diseases of the neurophysiological character, this property champagne would be very useful.

At the same time, scientists warned that the maximum dose of “treatment” for nervous women, of champagne – not more than 100-200 ml a day. In turn, held in the UK, the study of the properties of champagne showed that three glasses of this drink per week help improve brain activity and help reduce the risk of senile dementia.

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