The first frost is dangerous for the body

In the first season the days of negative temperatures especially dangerous to health, said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya. For the body the first frosts can be a real stress and adversely affect the internal organs, warned the specialist.

According to Savitskaya, the most comfortable for the body is room temperature. The need to adapt to the first frosts, which replaced the zero temperature perceived by the body as acute stress.

The doctor noted that under the influence of frost in the brain aktiviziruyutsya kontrinsuljarnye production of hormones that belong to the category of stress hormones. To move this change without disruption, a healthy person in General can. But who today is not a chronic disease?

“The body gradually begins to narrow the blood vessels external, but also dilates blood vessels of internal organs to warm. In the presence of chronic heart disease or problems with the vascular tone, it creates additional risks,” said the expert.
The doctor believes that the first frost is additionally useful to maintain health and to avoid hypothermia. Savitskaya recommended to wear clothing in several layers, at least three, as the layer of air between layers of clothing increase heat. In addition, the first frosts have definitely should wear warm socks made of natural materials. In footwear, you can put warm insoles. In addition, it should not be close, otherwise the blood circulation will slow, and the legs will start to freeze.

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