Hands must be protected at any cold

First in the cold and suffer in the cold hands. If the hands are nipped by the frost, it may lead to the exacerbation of chronic pathological processes in the body. Hands must be protected by any degree of cold, and even when zero not to be lazy to wear gloves or mittens, said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

According to Savitskaya, the cold skin is expose to the wind and flakes, making them more vulnerable to harmful influence of cold. Should be aware of this and protect hands in cold weather, recommended the expert.

“On the palms and the hands are bioactive points associated with the head and respiratory system. Freezing hands can worsen chronic inflammation of the nose, bronchi, begin headaches,” – said the expert.
She also added that the cold is dangerous to hand that down to the cold they may experience inflammation of the small joints of the fingers and hands. Savitskaya urged to protect hands from the ravages of cold, at a temperature of from minus 10 to be sure to wear thick warm mittens, and don’t forget the gloves when the temperature is 0 degrees. She said: after a single freezing hands in them impaired thermoregulation for the whole cold season.

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