6 tips on how to unstick the tongue from winter metal

Sticking to the metal tongue in the winter – the phenomenon is anecdotal, but not rare. According to doctors, most often the tongue sticks to the swings or other metal surfaces in children. What to do in such cases how to slap tongue?

Tips on how to act in a situation with the frozen winter to the metal language, shared the General practitioners of the municipal polyclinic № 109, Moscow destava Ekaterina Ivanova. According to her, the moisture of the tongue in contact with cold metal is transformed into ice, which does not normally disconnect. Children has a natural curiosity, adheres to the metal more often. If this happens, first and foremost the child needs to calm down and not to scold.

Any nervousness in such circumstances increases the risk of injury. According to the doctor, if the mucosa of the tongue is damaged, it will contribute to the emergence of long-healing painful wounds. For this reason, absolutely can not attempt to disconnect from the metal sticking to one of his men by force, jerky. In any case, you cannot use the lighter.

To unstick the tongue from the metal in the winter, the doctor advised me to act according to the following algorithm:

  • To calm the one who stuck to the metal.
  • Ask the affected person to breathe so that the warm air of the breath was directed into metal. This will cause the ice szepessy language with the metal melt.
  • Helping to free the other, can be together with him to breathe in place of the clutch.
  • Water the language of water. Ideally warm, but cold.
  • After the language is tlaplan, it should be treated with chlorhexidine solution.
  • Within a few days after the incident, you should rinse your mouth with a decoction of chamomile. Food at this time should be mild and soft. Children are better to eat mashed potatoes.

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