5 edible products

Incongruous ingredients in the dishes and drinks can trigger indigestion and its associated symptoms of discomfort and fatigue, and it’s in the easiest way. Experts in the field of dietetics told about what the options incompatible products occur frequently in the diet of people.

Option 1 incompatible products: coffee with milk.Coffee and milk separately is useful for health, but together, these products combine very badly. Tannins tannins contained in coffee, have an “astringent” action and do not get absorbed contained in the milk protein. The combination of coffee tannins and the milk protein casein forms a substance that is poorly absorbed and therefore remains I in the stomach. In dolgosrochnuyu this can seriously undermine the health and even can cause cancer of the stomach.

Option 2 incompatible products: honey with hot tea. Honey does not make connections with hot. In the case of heating honey to 60 degrees it synthesizes substances that can affect the body as these toxins build up in him, destroying cell integrity and creating an additional burden on the liver. Doctors advise to drink honey with plain warm fluids – water, tea or milk.

Option 3 incompatible products: potatoes and tomatoes. Another example of how useful separately products give negative complex effect. Potatoes contain starch, which, in combination with the acid of the tomatoes enhances the appearance of heaviness in the stomach (a sure sign of a slowdown of digestive processes) and sleepiness.

4 option incongruous ingredients: fish and egg. Their simultaneous presence in one dish gives a “shock” dose of protein for digestion it’s too significant load. Experts point out that against this background the over-saturation of the protein can occur cardiovascular disease. One of the protein sources according to them should be replaced by vegetables.

5 option incongruous products: carrot-orange juice. Vitamins are good, but the over-saturation of them can provoke very unpleasant health problems. Carrots and oranges contain lots of vitamin A which in large numbers can have a negative effect on the liver, can cause heartburn, to contribute to the impairment of renal function.

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