Tasteless food is bad for the psyche

The need to live in conditions, when a person is forced to eat tasteless food can harm the health of the psyche, the scientists from Israel. According to their conclusion, tasteless, monotonous food harmful for the psyche – it can cause severe depression and other disorders.

The experts stated: if the person does not like the food he uses and he considers it to be tasteless, it may lead to the development of mental health problems – depression, apathy, bouts of severe fatigue, or uncontrollable outbreaks of irritation and aggression. According to scientists, with a system consumption of tasteless food, the body loses the nutrients that are necessary for the proper functioning of the internal organs and nervous system.

The most negative is bad and tasteless food affects people who already suffer from various disorders depressive properties, said the researchers. In risk in women who often eat tasteless food for them in order to lose weight and slimness, experts say. For the female psyche monotonous and poor diet in particular is harmful because women are initially more susceptible to developing emotional disorders.

Those who eat monotonous and tasteless, often lack the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients that come from food, say the authors of the project. In addition, the lack of variety in the diet suppresses the appetite and reduces taste sensitivity.

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