8 vegetables that promote longevity

American scientists have claimed that regular consumption of three servings of vegetables increases the chances of longevity, and also talked about what vegetables especially effectively increase life expectancy.

In particular, according to scientific experts, the probability of longevity increases with the regular use of carrots. It is composed of substances, which has greatly strengthened the immune system – vitamins C, PP, E as well as magnesium and zinc in addition carrot is the source of run-carotene, providing a synthesis of the powerful antioxidant, of vitamin A. Experts recommend the use of carrot in combination with fats.

Those who want to be a survivor, you should pay attention to another vegetable – broccoli. Due to the high content of calcium and potassium broccoli helps to make bones stronger, and, in addition, potassium is necessary for maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels.

A lot of potassium include tomatoes – their use normalizes blood pressure, protects against the appearance of heart disease.

In addition, longevity contributes to the use of pepper – leader on the concentration of vitamin C. Also, experts suggest to prolong the life to use eggplant, beets and zucchini. Eggplant effectively cleanse the blood vessels and the blood from the “bad” cholesterol in the blood, marrow saturate the body not only vitamin C, but also in the powerful antioxidant lutein, and beets contain iodine, which helps to combat atherosclerosis and improves overall health.

Another vegetable that help to live longer is Kale. In cabbage there is diindolylmethane a substance that protects against radiation.

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