Aging is associated with calories

Scientists from Brigham young University and Colorado state University have linked accelerated aging with excess calories. The volume of food and calories directly affect how long you can live man, said the American scientists.

Researchers carried out an experiment using mice, which were divided into two groups. One of them was able to feed at will. The other kept on the diet, which had all the necessary nutrients, but the caloric content was 35% less than usual.

Check the health of laboratory rodents has shown that mice from the group with restricted diet showed some changes. They were more healthy and energetic in comparison with rodents who consumed much high-calorie food. Eventually the mouse, which has limited food, lived longer than the well-fed relatives of “high-calorie” group.

Referring to these data, the researchers explained that the principle of calorie restriction does not imply the need to starve or drastically reduce food intake. Experts stressed that it is important to eat right.

“Simple calorie restriction does not slow aging. It is necessary not only to podkidyvat calories, but know what you can eat. Try to exclude from a diet of junk food, replacing it with a more useful – it will help you keep the youth”, – concluded the authors of the project.
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