Music must cure colds, but DJs do not agree

The German researchers came to the conclusion that music is able to cure an ordinary cold. But the popular DJs disagree.

Researchers from Germany found that listening to certain music has a therapeutic effect. In particular, when got a cold people listen to music, it increases the level of antibodies in the body that strengthens the immune system and helps to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Therefore, the music really has a healing effect and can be used in the fight against colds, which is still incurable, despite all the advances of medicine. In most cases, the flu goes away by itself within 70 days, and all means of combating purely symptomatic.

However, research results do not agree a few popular DJs from the us Denver. One of them under the pseudonym JJ said that listens to music almost 24 hours a day, but it didn’t protect him from the cold that he picked up from his mother two weeks ago during her visit. While Hasabo stressed that works at the radio station that plays popular songs, and these tunes bring pleasure to him. But any therapeutic effects of music he had never felt. Note that the authors of the study insist that from a cold cures only that music which causes a powerful positive emotions.

“All this is nonsense, – agrees the second American DJ Nina. – You need to consume plenty of fluids, go easy on the vegetables, refuse from fast food, and more sleep. If you want to get rid of cold then just relax more and you will get the desired. No music will not give you anything in this regard”. (READ MORE)