Who can go without fear in the clinic?: Nurse drama depicts tables States

A children’s nurse has written a dramatic letter to Jens Spahn is on Facebook. Johanna Uhlig complains about the conditions in the care sector, and the numerous dismissals of their colleagues. Over 70,000 people shared the post so far.

I’m exhausted, upset and disappointed, writes the young woman on Facebook. She describes in the Post your daily life on the intensive care unit. Uhlig, every day I have to get the feeling of four parts and to be able to in everyday life, only the Essential on the patient to perform.

What concerns me is the fact that I can’t practice most of the time, at all what I originally learned, is demotivated, she writes. Who can go without fear and with confidence as a Patient in a hospital or nursing home?

Grievances lead to dismissal

You and your colleagues sometimes have no time to go to the toilet and would take a bullet. Not to forget, not only from a duty of care, but also out of fear of something, to document correctly and end up with a foot in prison. The result of the grievances, dismissals of colleagues.

In addition, they criticized the new nursing training, to make forces in all areas can be used. Each patient group have their own needs.

It therefore calls for a radical Change: nurses contribute enormously to a functioning society – they deserve decent working conditions.

Spahn answers

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn, the young woman said on Monday in a Video on Facebook. He says: We must be insane to work a lot to regain confidence.