10 free services for which doctors illegally asking for money

Recently it became known that the Russian medical institutions patients promote of money for treatments that they receive for free in the framework of OMS – admitted the doctors themselves. All-Russian Union of insurers has compiled a list of popular free health services for which hospital staff is illegal to ask for money.

1. All consumables in the hospital (needles, bandages, plasters and so on) for patients free of charge. If you are told that you have to pay out of your own pocket is illegal.

2. All consumables used by outpatient (filling material in dentistry, films for x-ray, discs to record the results of CT or MRI) is free in most regions.

3. Diagnostic techniques in MRI and CT scan, inpatient and outpatient – free. If the doctors ask for money, they violate the law.

4. Any medicinal drugs for cancer patients – free and covered by insurance. Patients should not give them your money.

5. Any medical device that is implanted in the body, should be free. Attempts to force us to pay for their patients are illegal.

6. To provide medical assistance for dental problems, patients must free. The only exception is the dentures.

7. Any research blood free.

8. If you promise for a fee to shorten the waiting time of the results of the study ultrasound, x-ray, gastroscopy, is illegal.

9.The doctor prescribes a restorative treatment in the form of massages and other procedures? To ask money for them should not, for patients these procedures are free of charge.

10. Consultations “narrow specialists” (ophthalmologist, neurologist, ENT, surgeon, oncologist, etc) for patients are also required to be free.

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