Coffee and tea during pregnancy will reduce the baby weight

The use of tea or coffee during pregnancy reduces the size of the unborn child, as the study showed. This happens even if the woman uses less than a safe level of these drinks.

Research scientists from University College Dublin came to an unexpected conclusion about what to consume during pregnancy coffee or tea with women significantly more likely to subsequently give birth to small size babies. Even if the woman’s diet includes dosage of caffeine to less than 200mg a day, which is considered safe and is equivalent to approximately two cups of instant coffee or three cups of tea, it’s still more runs the risk of premature birth or to give birth to a child with smaller body mass.

The authors of the study believe that the caffeine restricts the blood flow to the placenta, which negatively affects the growth of the child. Their findings are made on the basis of observations over 941 a pair of mothers and children, born in Ireland Tea was the main source of caffeine in 48% pregnant, and coffee is at 38%. The results of observation showed that for every extra 100 mg of caffeine, approximately half a Cup of coffee, which are used daily during the first trimester, the weight of the unborn child is reduced by 72

The amount of caffeine in mother’s diet also reduces the growth of the baby and the circumference of his head. It affects the decrease of gestational age, determining the duration of pregnancy. Observations have shown that consumed high caffeine women gave birth to children who weighed approximately 170 grams less than babies from mothers who consumed the least caffeine. The study showed that even a safe dose of caffeine still leads to reduction of weight of the child. (READ MORE)