Artificial placenta withstood a pregnancy test

Scientists at Cambridge University have created artificial placenta, existing outside the female body, their development told the journal Nature. Cultured placenta was so similar to this that was able to withstand a pregnancy test.

In the female body the placenta is formed only if egg is fertilized and develops with the development of the fetus. She ensures the future of the child enshrined in the uterus and provides it with oxygen and nutrients. These functions of the placenta associated with the action of the trophoblasts cells, which were used by scientists in the development of an artificial placenta.

Necessary cells were obtained from women who were in the first trimester of pregnancy. The scientists stimulated their proliferation and eventually received a full placental tissue. The thus obtained artificial miniature of the placenta had all the properties characteristic of the placenta of the female body. Conducted by researchers hormonal test these placenta is also survived by five: it was confirmed that capable of producing human chorionic gonadotropin, which is the main indicator of pregnancy.

Development of artificial placenta, as noted by experts, will allow to better understand its properties, and, therefore, more effectively treat pregnant women if necessary.

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