Doctors will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can predict which patients will require emergency medical care. The computer model analyzes the family history of the patient, medications, and even lifestyle to determine risks.

Very soon the question of determining what people require hospitalization for emergency indicators, can do artificial intelligence. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Oxford suggested that if the machine is to lay the electronic health record, it will be able with absolute certainty to Express their opinion. And based on it the patient can be taken to a particular specialist. Scientists have analyzed the records and more than 4.6 million patients in the period from 1985 to 2015. The analysis showed that General practitioners in collaboration with artificial intelligence can be highly effective to observe the needs of patients in order to avoid unplanned hospitalizations, which have the largest number of expenditure in the health sector.

A learning machine that underlies the artificial intelligence system, in its diagnostic potential superior to any even the most experienced doctor. This is simply because the machine can perform huge amounts of information, including not only records history, and has already carried out tests and scans, but information on medications taken, family history of the patient and his lifestyle. All of this is processed and analyzed, compared with the massive amount of data on other patients and on the basis of comparisons and analyses, the conclusion about the necessity of choosing a particular treatment.

The study authors emphasize that only in 2017 in the UK, there were almost 6 million emergency admissions to hospitals, and most of them could have been avoided if people would have turned to the services of doctors before. And the widespread introduction of artificial intelligence technology will make medical care timely, which it will be most effective. (READ MORE)