The Google search engine causes the whole epidemic of hypochondria

Internet search engine Google to blame the whole epidemic of hypochondria, the researchers found. Know the health of British patients turn to this search engine more than 100,000 times during the year, trying to find remedies for the treatment of acne, hemorrhoids, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Held in the UK, the study showed that the people of this country are turning to the Internet search engine Google more than 100 thousand times per year to diagnose and find treatment of any diseases. Analysis of the searches showed that the British were looking for an answer to the questions about “how to find how severe is the chest pain” in 2018 8781% more than in 2015. Experts believe that the demand simply can not produce hypochondria. Among the most popular search queries of the treatment of hemorrhoids, acne and syndrome of inflamed intestine.

Experts believe that local General practitioners are overloaded, they will postpone the reception of patients, making these people turn to the Internet. Today, millions of people in the UK not on time to the appointment at the time when required. The average waiting time of such appointment stretched to two weeks. And although the Brits are unlikely to want to move to the U.S. health care system in which all medical services are paid, they still do not cease to criticize the native Fund of obligatory medical insurance.

Appeal to the services of the Internet involves not only the emergence of different kinds of manias on the background of hypochondria and self-diagnosis, but also self-medicate. For example, the question of “how to get rid of back pain”, were among the most popular. Naturally, receiving this answer on the Internet patients begin to self to try those or other means that is not always safe for health. (READ MORE)