Gold will help to find the cancer in 10 minutes

Blood tests, which use tiny gold particles to determine the changes in cells that will help in the diagnosis of cancer. And it will take you only 10 minutes.

Scientists have created a blood test which can diagnose cancer in just 10 minutes. This uses tiny particles of gold, which you can use to determine residues of cancer cells in the blood that keeps the patient from having to go through a biopsy. Drawing molecules in DNA the researchers with the help of this blood test has already detected signs of tumors of the breast and prostate. It appeared that these malignant neoplasms leave characteristic handwriting in the blood.

It was also found that molecules from cancer cells are formed in the structure, which seemed to stick to gold. That is why diagnosis and it is necessary to use precious metal. But the amount of gold is very small, so the cost of these tests will not be prohibitive, as it could seem initially. The biggest plus of this method of diagnosis is that the test can be carried out only a single drop of blood. However, this test can not reliably say what kind of cancer a patient has and what stage it is in.

But this is only a preliminary development towards the creation of more advanced blood tests leading to obtaining comprehensive information on malignant tumors. These tests are needed in order to relieve patients from biopsies – painful procedures of removal of any organs or skin, which are subsequently sent to a lab for study. By themselves, these procedures are unpleasant, but they also require a lot of time, and in some cases from time of initiation of treatment depend on the patients ‘ chances of victory. Sometimes the account goes for days. (READ MORE)