Nasal spray – these four mistakes almost everyone

A stuffy nose is probably the most annoying side effect of a cold. Blame it on the nasal mucous membranes produce mucus and swell, sometimes so severely that you can no longer breathe through the nose. For a remedy, nasal sprays with active ingredients such as Xylometazoline or Oxymetazoline. It reduces swelling and cause the blood vessels in the nose. The Sprays in pharmacies and supermarkets without a prescription – they work quickly and reliably, but they also involve risks. These errors in the application should be avoided at all costs:

1. To rash nasal spray and too long to apply

A decongesting nasal spray is only intended for emergency situations, such as when you can’t fall asleep because of the clogged nose. Under no circumstances should you use the funds unwisely or unnecessarily, often in the nasal spray. “Decongestant active ingredients can also trigger an opposite effect,” writes the health insurance company AOK. After a few hours, the mucous membrane swells to the skin of the nose – the so-called “Rebound effect” occurs. “Rebound” means translated as much as “rebound”.

“This is the uses more, the more frequently you have the means,” warns the AOK. Health experts advise not to use the Sprays or drops for longer than a few days continuously. At the latest after one week, the nasal spray should be discontinued. Otherwise, a habituation threatens.

2. Properly spraying, the spray head and hold

From a hygienic point of view, it is useful to consider the nasal spray after spray shot out of the nose, before re-sprayed. “Otherwise, there is a great danger that germs from the nose to be sucked into the bottle,” warns the professional Association of ear, nose and throat doctors. Same is true for nose drops: The dropper-Pipette, the compressed absorbent cones of the nose opening to remove. To prevent the residual contaminated solution with germs and to prevent re-infection.

3. Dry forget

The Federal centre for health education (BZgA) recommends the nasal spray after use with a clean cloth thoroughly wipe off, and only then, the protection cap put on.

Do you suffer from a chronic inflammation of the sinuses, you should still be meticulous procedure: In this case, clean the spray head of the prescribed nasal spray to use with hot water. Otherwise, the danger is that you apply the mucous membranes, the bacteria again and again on the nose.

4. Nasal spray from last season use

The Spray from last Winter is still determined to do well, or? Not mandatory. For reasons of hygiene, the professional Association of ear, nose and throat doctors recommends that you dispose of old spray better. “At least a year old nasal spray must be considered as potentially germ-populated and should not be used, therefore,” writes Michael Deeg, specialist in otolaryngology and spokesman for the professional Association of ENT Doctors, on request.

In any case, a look in the pack is worth Supplement There is, how long the Spray after opening is preserved. The time period is exceeded, should be disposed of the product better. Small hint: in the package post when the Spray was used the first Time. So sprays to old nose quickly.

Sources: Federal centre for health education (BZgA)/ health insurance company AOK / German professional Association of ear, nose and throat doctors (ENT Doctors in the network)