Pressure ulcers: How to avoid bedsores?

Long k&ouml Lie or Sit;can hartnästorey wounds. This wound gel will be referred to genes as pressure ulcers and often heal slowly. The patients and carers Angehörige know

Proper storage is bettlälow patients is very important in order to avoid sore Spots

How are the pressure sores?

Who stäconstantly lies or sits without moving, charged certain Köbody with a lot of pressure. The fabric is squeezed, deformed, and can die. Then open, deep wounds that are painful and hard to heal.  

Who is gefährdet to develop a pressure ulcer?

All the people who remain permanently in the same Position. Usually, there are pflegebedürftige seniors who are hardly or even no longer move köcan. "Also querschnitts­geläfamous wheelchair users have a high decubitus risk the permanent Sitzen", Dr. Jan Kottner, care scientist says to the Charité Berlin.

Or women, which, according to the Anästhesie in the case of a caesarean section no Gefühl more in the legs and Füßen. "You don’t remember, how long you rest, and may get sores on the heels." In humans, the very dünn and protruding bones, pressure sores particularly easy.  

What Köthe body are often affected by bedsores?

Especially heels, Steißleg, sacrum, elbows and shoulders. But also to the Wirbelsäule, the back of the head, at the bottom of the Rümask to the ear cups, Hübones and Fußknösmile köcan wounds caused.

How to recognize Angehörige a pressure ulcer?

Who is a Bettlälow maintains, should regelmäßig the skin after Rösightings search. As a Test you can daraufdr&uuml then with a Finger;cover. "If the Rötung remains, and that the authority weiß is, is already entstanden&quot a pressure ulcer;, Bj&ouml says;rn Jäger, care of a therapist and a Board member of the Initiative Chronic wounds.

The Pa­tient must be positioned so that the body gets no more pressure. But it can also lead to a pressure ulcer, without the skin rötet, such as on the heel.   

What are the consequences of the bedsores möpossible?

Is not dealt with immediately, forming as a rule a dark, bläulich-WAN Verfästaining – under zunäfirst, intact skin. "This suggests that in the deeper skin and muscle layers already tissue ist&quot dead;, Kottner says. Experts speak of necrosis.

In the worst case, the necrosis is spreading, more and more tissue dies. "Eventually the dead tissue breaks through the skin after außen. Then you have a hole, the pressure sore: a round, deep, chronic Wunde", as Kotter.  

Thus, the tissue changes during the development of bedsores

Pressure Ulcers Grade 1

The skin is permanently gerötet – even then, if the body is no longer loaded.

Pressure Ulcers Grade 2

The point is further loaded, is formed in the top layer of skin to a wound.

Pressure Ulcers Grade 3

All of the layers of the skin are already zerstört. Also, the fabric underneath is geschädamaged.

Pressure Ulcers Grade 4

The tissue under the skin as well as muscles, bones, and Tendons are decomposed.

How läa pressure ulcer prevention sst?

Prevention is very important. Experts say that the most Fälle k&ouml be prevented;could. "The Patient st&auml should;constantly be positioned differently, in order to not Köbody position on continuous pressure ausgeübt wird", erklärt Jäeng. Thus, professionals often advise to the 30-degree ­Schräg­position: The Patient is using ­Pillows or Blankets half on the side of a bed, so that a Gesäßpage be­charged, the other is relieved.

Um  the Druckverhätenancies to verächange, rich häoften little things. "A pillow under the calf relieves the heel, a rolled-up towel under the Gesäß the Steißbein", erkärt Jäeng. How often the sun position must be varied, lässt is hard to say. "The Angeh&ouml should;membered with a nursing expert besprechen", so Jäeng. Sometimes other diseases play a role in certain lying positions do not allow. Angehöolds should Pflegema&szlig therefore, in all;took sorgfäcarefully committed.  

Patient positioning: Where to find nourishing Angehörige aid?

The care service can Angehöengine show how to move the patient in bed and store köand what resources there are. The cash paid at Pflege­grade 1 to 3 twice jädangerous advice. In the case of a hömore nursing degree can take the place of this appointment, even every three months.

A good opportunity to ask for bedsores to klären. "We go to the practical to the bed and with the Patienten", erläZeynep Babadagi, the heads in Duisburg, a nursing service, explained. Für Ange­hörige offer clinics, community colleges, or health insurance außerdem courses. 

What tools are there?

As soon as a Patient is moved a little more, they should lie on a soft bearing mattress. The Material adapts to the Köbody. "So a lot of gr&ouml results;ßEUA Kontakt­fläche with the pad, and it works per Körper­area less Druck", erklärt expert Kottner. Such a mattress, gege­where appropriate, a care bed, on prescription of the family doctor in the Sanitätsfachhandel order.

A Patient bettl&auml comes;gerig home from the hospital, should be the necessary tools already exist. "The clinic organisieren&quot must;, Babadagi says. The decubitus ­Risk particularly groß, a more expensive alternating pressure mattress makes sense. It has individual chambers, with more or less air gefüare the llt. Using a engine, the air is redistributed. "It is important that the Angehöthe mattress membered also k&ouml use;nnen", Kottner emphasized. The tool must be optimally set. 

How to heal the pressure ulcer wounds?

The supply of open pressure ulcers-wounds köcan Angehörige alone can not afford. "This should machen&quot a professional;, Kottner says. So a Wund­­expert, manager, or care of a therapist. Most of the care services have such specially trained staff in the Team.

Depending on the Auspränarrowing of the wound and the stage of healing, there are different strategies. "If, for example, a lot of Flüfluid is secreted, you need a special, highly absorbent Auflagen", erklärt Babadagi. Is already dead a lot of fabric, you should only remove a surgeon. 

What köcan Angehörige in the case of a wound do?

The area must möas far as possible be kept sterile. "In the case of a wound in the sacrum area is to pay attention to, for example, that during a bowel movement, nothing under the bandage kommt", Babadagi says. On the topic of skin care can inform the pharmacist. Of home remedies such as baby powder or petroleum jelly is not recommended. Wound Expert Jäger: "The skin is softened, it is still anfädigit für injury."

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