So you find a good vet

The pet is bad, möwant owners quickly to the vet. You can read here, what you recognize is a good practice and how it relates to the cost für the treatment of a loyal companion verhält

Sick member of the family: If the pet is suffering, afraid, Many, neither effort nor cost

How to recognize a qualified veterinarian that you can trust with a sick pet with a good conscience? "In addition to technical competence, for example, the regelmäßige participation in training einschließt, should be a love full of dealing with the animal selbstverstähourly sein", Dr. Petra Sindern, Vizepr&auml says;the President of the Federal Association of practising Tierädoctors. 

The physician should f&uuml time;r animal and owner, and zunäthe complaints ausf&uuml first;dangerous signs. Anschließend, he is the sick animal gently and grüsensitive to investigate. To gehört, for example, that he Herztöne abhört, the abdominal scans and in the mouth looks. The doctor is the owner of the investigations erklären and after his diagnosis, the Behandlungsmaßtook, the dosage, and the möoffset side effects of medications, as well as the prospects of success of the therapy erläexplain.  

Clean Praxisräume, short waiting times and competent helper

However, not only the medical profession itself plays a role für the well-being of his patients and their people. Clean, bright and freund­designed Praxisrärooms with a pleasant Atmosphäre act seriös and both Two – and four-legged friends give a Gefühl security and Seriosität. A möas possible a short waiting period helps to avoid Stress in humans and animals. Some practices also have to make sure that dogs and cats in the Warterätrees do not meet. 

Ideally, the doctor in his practice is a Team of trained volunteers to Verfüaside of that the coordination ütakes over, when you Create Wundverbäthe helps or in the case of a blood sampling assists. Also of advantage is an modern technical equipment. So that the veterinarian can examine more accurately and quickly the right Dia­diagnostics. A private laboratory, the blood and urine tests to evaluate in a timely manner that also saves on lälonger wait times to diagnosis. However, not only the equipment, the experience zählt, how Sindern emphasized. "A good veterinarian weiß, where your own boundaries lie, and who weiterfüleading therapies."

Alarm signals: when should you fast to the vet


  • The little darling is drinking and not eating? If Pets refuse the food intake indicates a disease. 
  • "Important signs of the disease, which you should visit on the same day, a veterinary practice, are increased thirst normal Außduck temperature, vomiting (more than once), as well as wässriger or bloody Durchfall", says Dr Petra Sindern. It is Vizepräthe President of the Federal Association of practising Tierädoctors and Tierärztin in Neu Wulmstorf, near Hamburg.
  • Also in the case of a distended abdomen, shortness of breath, Lähmung, of foul odor from the mouth, and any kind of Schmerzäußachievements should be looking for pet owners to professional help. 
  • This applies natüof course, even at Unfäcases, bite or Attack or suspicion of poisoning.

High cost: The treatment at the vet can be expensive

Both in the case of severe acute diseases as well as chronic Verlächeck incur a treatment cost in HöHey from a few Hundred to well üabout a thousand Euro. Anyone choosing a pet, you should darüber to be Clear that the health care of the four-legged friend can go with the years into money. The every month für disease-induced additional expenditure, something on the high edge. 

A special pet insurance is worth it, however, rather rare, such as the consumer Association of North Rhine-Westphalia. Often standard services were not covered.

Gebührensätze prüfen

The cost für examinations, treatments and medicines must be paid, as a rule, immediately after the practice on-site visit. Refer to the Gebüdo order für Tierädoctors (GOT). The ­Physicians from a count – to-three times the rate.

Please inform yourself in advance üabout the details in the respective practice. On the Online side of the Bundestierämedical Board can Beispielfälle of Honorarberech­openings to view. Höhere cost of medical care in the Pa­­tients at home or the services of the ­Veterinarian außoutside of the regulären office hours, ­so, for example, at night, on weekends, or in emergency service.

The köyou can für the health of your pet tun 

Your four-legged friend möas possible healthy for a long time, Mr Chen and Mrs Chen to the part itself in Hand. 

    • A healthy and ausgewo­genes Ernäcurrency, enough of the spout, contact with conspecifics, as well as a regelmäßige fur, ears, and eye care to keep the four-legged friend fit. 
    • In the in-house pharmacy, you should Material für the wound care hold, about für in the event that your house comrade wounded in the paw. A tick removal gehört. "The best prevention against these parasites, the animal regelm&auml, ;ßig kontrollieren", rät Dr. Heidi Kübler, Chairman of the society für holistic veterinary medicine. Dogs one searches at the best after every walk.  
    • Prior to an infestation with ticks schüsupport special Präparate, which can be obtained either at the vet or at the pharmacy. Who wants to do without chemicals, you will find there products with äessential Ölen. "Because the dog’s nose is very sensitive, you should test first though, as the four-legged friend the fact reagiert", recommends Kübler.  
    • Drugs from the human area are für of animals is taboo. Expert Sindern warns: "Without ausdrüExpress ämedical statement should be treated animals never with remedies of the holder."

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