What foods cannot be stored in the refrigerator

It is not necessary to store in the fridge bread, potatoes or coffee. Experts have called food, and they should be at room temperature.

Almost every refrigerator has a special compartment for fruits and vegetables where we often put the tomato. If they are already overripe, you can put on the bottom shelf in order to avoid damage. But in the refrigerator, tomatoes will never ripen. The same goes for bread, which often keep in the fridge in order that he longer survived. But the refrigerator dries the bread, and if you’re not going to eat it in the near future, it is better with this product at all to freeze, and then cut off pieces as needed.

If you want to preserve the aroma and taste of the potatoes a little longer, don’t store it in the refrigerator. The cold can maintain its freshness, but it adversely affects the taste of potatoes. The same applies to coffee, because if it is stored at a low temperature, it undergoes condensation, and it’s not the best situation for our favorite beverage.

As for fruits like bananas, it is best to keep them at room temperature, such as apples or oranges. If they are already ripe, then storing in the fridge for a few prolong their existence. Garlic keeps much better if stored in a cool dark place somewhere in the closet. However, if you already cut him a few slices and took the top layer, it is better to put garlic in the refrigerator.

Many put vegetable oil in the refrigerator, which is not a good idea. It is better to put a bottle of oil somewhere in a dark place, because exposure to light in this product decreases the antioxidant activity.

Some people won’t eat chocolate from the fridge because it is too cold and hard. In General there is no reason to put this treat in the fridge, because the chocolate there loses its flavor. Finally, the butter is much tastier if it is somewhere in a cool place in a special container with a closed lid. But if the hot weather, the oil can still be put in the fridge so it melted. (READ MORE)