When and how could you loosen up the action? The difficult search for an Exit strategy


Exact predictions are impossible. Still must be awaited, as the massive output restrictions have an impact on the spread of the Coronavirus. Easter has Long been considered a possible date, in order to respond with appropriate strategies to the challenge. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has announced for the case of Successes of the previous measures: “If we do, we can talk after Easter about other perspectives.”

For the time being, since this week, strict requirements will continue to exist: The citizens should stay at home, in public space, at most two of the or in the circle of the family or household members, as well as otherwise – about when it comes to purchasing a minimum of one and a half meters at a distance. Most of the shops are not allowed to open schools and kindergartens are closed.


No, a complete redemption of all the constraints shall be excluded. The Director of the Institute for Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin, Christian Drosten, speaks in this connection of a “differentiation of measures”. Currently, the adopted measures were very broad, in the future it’ll go about, “to make the effect of something specific”.

Food supply

The boards feel the corona of a crisis – is less and less food to land for the Poorest of the society

As a crucial benchmark, it may not be due to a loosening of the measures is again a rapid increase in infection numbers. Therefore, experts warn, to loosen quickly the restrictions. A crucial role is expected to be also Tests for the Coronavirus. Overall, the fight against SARS-CoV-2 is likely to shape the company for several months.


Nationwide, schools and kindergartens are closed until the Easter holidays. How to do it from the middle or end of April, is open. Graduation checks are run and should take place in any case, in this school year. Also, there may be intermediate steps are also conceivable. Drosten said in the past week, in “time Online” that might be the “effective group size” could be reduced in schools. As an example, he cited the waiver of breaks or the use of corridors for certain groups of students.


Currently, all shops are closed, serve to supply the necessities of life. Also, Restaurants are not allowed to open, many companies stopped their production in addition, even without explicit administrative order or curtailing. A gradual lifting of these restrictions is part of the core of the demands for an “Exit”.


In many States, tiered regulations in force prior to the complete Shutdown already. So Restaurants could have opened with a table a distance of one and a half meters, even shops such as hairdressers were more open. Also how to do it in this area, is not yet clear.


The elderly and people with pre-existing conditions are the main risk group for severe gradients in the Corona infections. In Germany and elsewhere have adopted restrictions to prevent primarily, that the members of this group infect themselves. Some of the measures only for this purpose, such as visit bans in nursing homes and hospitals serve.

Covid-19-Test Equipment

Why the new Corona quick test of the Bosch is only a drop on the hot stone

However, Corona run infections in some younger as well as healthy people, severe, or even fatal. A precise definition would also be difficult. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the risk rises to approximately from 50 to 60 years. In the risk category also smokers and people whose immune system is weakened by medications such as cortisone, among others. About 28 percent of the people in this country are over 60 years old, that is 23 million.

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