Why Jens Spahn has the right to not believe in the war against homeopathy

I don’t believe in homeopathy. I think they are the mumbo-Jumbo of the 21st century. Century, and you know why? Because I always Natalie Grams comes to mind. The woman is a Doctor and a Homeopath. One day she read the book “The Homöpathie-lie” my starcolleague Nicole hot man. She describes with her Co-author Christian Weymayr how little homeopathy is no good, Yes the funds can even be dangerous because some patients may then have useful therapies. However, the remedies are sought after, it also make a lot of good shops, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists, Doctors.

I think he’s right. Of course, he bends in front of lobbies, and, of course, the EUR 20 million, certainly a better use than for nonsensical pseudo pills. The funds could pay more for spectacles, goggles or the artificial teeth. However, in the case of homeopathy it’s not about rational arguments. It’s about Faith. And a fight against believers, can only be very, very difficult to win. Believers are immune to facts, you do not need to attach your picture of the world, you want someone in it is shaking. Believers will have nothing more that they can believe in.

Such conflicts should be run only if it is worth the effort. And I don’t think he’s worth it. The health sector has important problems that need to be put in order, as reimbursement for homeopathic remedies. The hocus-pocus of modern times is annoying, but he’s not a pressing issue in our country.

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