4-year-old Briton struck a stroke caused by chicken pox

It turns out that chicken pox is capable of hitting vessels in the brain and lead to stroke in children. The Daily Mail shared the story about how this stroke occurred at the 4-year-old British girl from the UK named Sophie fuller.

Sophie fuller got chicken pox last summer, in July. A few days after the onset of illness she had an attack of convulsions. In the hospital, where anxious parents urgently took the child, told them that the girl was struck by a stroke.

Commenting on this case, Professor of Pediatrics, school of medicine, northwestern University Tina tan said that “banal” chickenpox can be serious neurological complications, and one of those is a stroke.

“Provoking varicella virus varicella-zoster causes inflammation of large blood vessels in the brain. The vessels appear scars they shrink and this can lead to stroke,” – said the scientist.
According to the Professor, the risk of such complications may persist for six months after first Contracting the virus varicella-zoster. 4-year-old British women after more than four months after stroke remains an increased risk of recurrent stroke. The girl constantly administered anticoagulants, and the parents have to monitor her condition 24 hours a day.

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