Children with hearing help music and singing

Study of Finnish scientists from Helsinki University have shown that children with hearing loss to effectively help music and singing – in particular, they allow these children to better focus in noisy spaces. The data obtained by the experts, published edition of Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal.

“Before, we didn’t know if playing music or singing to help children with hearing impairment, to improve the ability to recognize speech in background noise. Our experiment showed that it is quite realistic”, – said the authors of the project.
Scientists have discovered how music and singing affect children with hearing impairments. According to experts, due to my music lessons and singing in the brain of these children improve functional connections, improves the functions of selective attention in the perception of sound information.

This feature was identified because of the trial involving 21 children aged 4 to 13 years who had hearing loss and used cochlear implant in one ear. In the control group, children were 22 participants of the same age, but with normal hearing.

During the experiment, children were shown pictures and spoken words, asking you to choose the image in accordance with the heard. This was done as a musical accompaniment, and without it.

The result was that those of children with hearing impairments, who previously attended classes with music and singing, much better assorted sounds.

“Deaf people need to study music and singing, despite all the difficulties,” stated the scientists.
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