Health risk: egg cartons after one use throw it away

Egg cartons do not re-use – otherwise, health risks threaten

According to experts, each German produces on average about 220 pounds of packaging waste per year. Therefore, it is to be welcomed, if consumers use packaging. In the case of egg cartons should be of this environmental protection measure apart. Because on the cartons hazardous to health lurking germs.

Eggs are healthier than your reputation

Eggs were long suspected to increase the cholesterol in the human body, but according to recent research, many health moved away experts of such warnings. Often will now be pointed out how healthy eggs for people. Not only do they contain valuable Protein, but also valuable minerals like iron and zinc and vitamins A, E and K. However, it is also dangerous to health are on the eggs and their packaging are often germs. This is also the reason why egg cartons should not be re-used.

Food protect from contamination

Those who use the packaging multiple times, avoids waste and does something for the protection of the environment.

In the case of egg cartons and should be omitted, but better – because otherwise, the health could be affected.

According to the German food hygiene regulation (LMHV), it is not forbidden explicitly to use the boxes a second or third Time, however, there are certain requirements.

Accordingly, food must be during the production, storage and Transport protected against contaminants.

Disease pathogens can get fresh eggs

However, on egg cartons, which are used several times, are found with a high probability of pathogens such as Salmonella.

They are therefore considered to be unclean and unhygienic. In addition, reusable packaging must be clean according to the LMHV easily.

This is excluded in the conventional egg cartons made of cardboard, but almost.

Who packs fresh eggs in an old carton, so expect to see the new products infect with germs such as Salmonella.

The endanger both their own health, as well as that of others.

Bacteria can cause gastro-intestinal disorders

Salmonella are bacteria that cause of severe gastro-intestinal illness (salmonellosis) can be.

The disease occurs a few hours to days after infection and is expressed primarily by suddenly the onset of diarrhea, abdominal pain, malaise, feeling cold and headache.

In some cases, vomiting and a slight fever.

The complaints usually disappear after a few hours or days.

For infants, small children, the elderly and people with weakened immune system of the fluid loss due to diarrhea and vomiting can be dangerous. (ad)