Insomnia provokes the development of problems with the brain and psyche

In adults, insomnia provokes changes in the activity of the brain, – the findings of scientists published edition of ScienceNews. Experts at the University of California spoke at a meeting of the Society of neuroscience, saying that insomnia can be a factor in the emergence of people have anxiety and mental disorders.

Insomnia provokes the development of problems with the brain and mind, said the American scientists. They found that patients with mental disorders often complain of insomnia. In particular, those who sleep enough, are characterized by increased anxiety and restlessness.

Experiment with participants who slept poorly, and then passed mental tests, showed that insomnia may be a 30% enhance in the morning anxiety and anxiety. MRI-scan phospholinoleate that because of insomnia people can especially be enhanced considerably the activity of the prefrontal cortex related to the emergence of anxiety. The level of all of these changes in the brain, the researchers assessed as high.

Common causes of insomnia in everyday life become chronic lack of sleep, work a variable schedule, a stressful situation during the day, changing time zones. 5-hour sleep according to doctors have no reaching of which for three consecutive nights, one is faced with the same disorders of nocturnal sleep and the consequences thereof, and after one sleepless night.

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