Muscles: How much calories the power to burn strands, really?

More muscles require a fitter metabolism and that means at the end of a higher Calorie consumption. Many athletes are convinced of it. Even when the body rests just to the muscles, significant Calories to burn. But is this true? Damien M. Callahan, assistant Professor at the Department of Human Physiology at the University of Oregon, believes to know the answer.

Muscles: no nennswerter calorie consumption at rest

The muscle expert admitted to “” the myth:

“Muscles burn in the idle state, three Times as much calories as fat.”

What burns more calories, is a matter of fabric-maintenance, so Callahan. Muscle tissue requires a consistent turnover of proteins, in order to keep it intact. In contrast, fat need, stored the Depot, hardly any Extra calorie intake through food.

In total, a kilogram of muscle mass will burn on the day of 13 kcal in a state of rest, a kilogram of adipose tissue in contrast, only 4.5 kcal. Compared with the daily Calorie consumption of the brain (200 kcal per kg of brain mass) are the only Peanuts which have an impact on the total daily turnover of calories.

Noteworthy: Generally speaking, burn liver, heart or kidney consistently more calories than other muscle groups simply because you continuously are active.

Olivia Samnick

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