Pet food: dog food recall – first dogs-Todesofer already announced

Recall: dog food with malicious content in the circulation

A US manufacturer calls the world of dog food from the shelves. In the production, there was, according to the company, probably „to a life-threatening addition of Vitamin D“. In addition to the first death have been reported cases of dogs that ate this food already. Therefore, customers are the animal feed prompted in no case more dogs to administer, and instead is in the business. The purchase price will be refunded.

Are affected to a different dog food varieties from the American manufacturer “Hill’s Pet Nutrition“, which are also practices in Germany in retail stores, animal doctor, and on the Internet sold. Due to a supplier error, excessive amounts of Vitamin-D in the feed. This can let in the dogs, vomiting, loss of appetite, strong thirst, increased urination, weight loss, and kidney dysfunction cause, which led in some cases to the death of the animal.

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— Caitlin Gibson (@CaitJGibson) 4. February 2019

What dog food varieties are affected

As the manufacturer explained in a public notice, affects the following products:

  • Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine 360 gram, part no. 8408U, Chargenr. 102020T18
  • Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine Ultra Allergen-Free 370 grams, no. 8018U, Chargenr. 102020T17
  • Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine 370 grams, no. 8017U, Chargenr 102020T05
  • Hill’s Science Plan Canine Adult with chicken 370 grams, no. 8037U, Chargenr. 102020T27
  • Hill’s Science Plan Canine Mature Adult 7 chicken 370 grams, no. 8055U, Chargenr. 102020T14

The lining should not be used

“Pet owners who have purchased the product with the specified batch numbers, should stop feeding these products immediately and dispose of it”, warns the manufacturer. If the dog has signs of a disease showing the consumer should consult a veterinarian. According to the manufacturer, it is expected, in most cases, a full recovery once the animal is changing over to a different feed. The lining is via, the website or the Hotline of the manufacturer “Hill’s Pet Nutrition“.

First deaths reported