“This is heavy”: the meat supplier Bley stops production due to pests

Cockroaches in operation: Due to a pest infestation on the site of the suppliers of Meat Bley in Edewecht near Oldenburg, the company has stopped the production.

"We immediately pulled specialists for pest control and hygiene laboratories, and are just going to clean our entire operation from the ground up and to desinfizieren", the Bley meat and sausage, wrote GmbH were on Saturday on Facebook. For consumers there is no danger, therefore. "There is no contamination of our food festgestellt&quot were;, it was called. According to the managing Director Rolf Bley had been discovered in the operation of scraping. Goods from other Bley-production sites, which are supplied to the Bremen Christmas market, were not affected.

For security reasons, Bley has taken all the Goods temporarily off the market, as Bley said. According to him, the products were sold to retailers in the North West. The operation will be taken accordingly, if the cleaning work is completed and, together with experts and the authority’s all-clear can be given. He hope that this will be done at the latest by the end of next week. The loss to the company, according to first estimates more than a Million euros. "This is heftig", Bley said. He assume that the cockroaches were found on a used machine purchased in the operation. Previously, there had never been any problems with pests.

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