Toxic shock due to pad: a woman barely escapes a leg Amputation

The 33-year-old Kristina Makris of Massachusetts (USA) woke up one Morning with a stabbing headache, and narrowly escaped a leg Amputation. Blame it on a Tampon.

Shortly before her hospital admission, the 33-year-old Kristina Makris had turned your life completely. She had started to eat vegan and even switched to a vegan Tampon brand, reported Mirror. A few days later, they discovered a swollen node in your groin. Kristina Makris of a sports injury and gave the symptoms of attention – a serious error.

After Makris woke up with a stabbing headache, her mother insisted, go to the hospital. There was suspected to be a common flu and sent the young woman back home. This misdiagnosis cost her almost life.

At home Kristina’s condition worsened. They “looked like death” as her mother drove out to a different hospital. On the way there, had to pass the young woman already been nonstop. “I could feel my body shutting down. It was a nightmare,“ said Kristina. But even here, the Doctors could not figure out what was missing to her – she treated Kristina for the time being with antibiotics. “I have not felt in my soul that something was wrong. I was so weak, ( … ), “ recalled the young woman.

Kristina Makris spoke of terrible pain. Besides, had spread a rash on her left leg. It looked like a blood poisoning. As her vital signs were always weaker, they had to make a quick decision. “I remember that the surgical Team said came to me, and to me, that I would have 45 minutes to make a decision about whether or not I should undergo surgery or not,” said Kristina. You would act immediately, she would lose her left leg. The young woman agreed to the surgery.

Symptoms need to be taken seriously

Three days after the successful surgery, the Doctors explained to her that she had suffered a Toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Together with the Doctors Kristina came to the conclusion that the new vegan Tampon brand was the reason for their Suffering. “These were so incredibly dry. As I pulled out after use, I have scratched the wall of my Vagina and made them vulnerable to infection,“ explained Kristina.