Diabetes shrinks the brain and lowers the intelligence

Diabetes begins to reduce our brain in middle age before to reduce the amount of intelligence after his retirement. This is the conclusion reached by researchers.

Diabetes begins to reduce the size of the brain in middle age, provoking a rapid decline in intelligence in the age of retirement, the study showed. The authors found that older people with type II diabetes face significant loss of memory and vocabulary for the entire 5 years. It was also found that participants in the observation, whose average age was 68 years at the start of the experiment, showed signs of brain damage that can start many years before that. It’s not very good news for nearly 7 million diabetics in Russia.

In our country the number of victims of this metabolic disorder constantly increases, there is even speculation that in the last 20 years it has doubled. Such a jump is due mostly to obesity, as 90% of the victims of diabetes have the second type of this disease, the main risk factor of which is unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. Now, however, scientists from the University of Tasmania, suggested that this disease also has a negative impact on the brain and may be one of the risk factors of dementia.

By the way, the number of cases of dementia in the world is also increasing, and until recently, science was associated with a General increase in life expectancy. Previously, scientists have never found a connection between diabetes and senile dementia, and now there’s reason to believe in the validity of this assumption. (READ MORE)