The human mind is almost independent of the size of the brain

The study showed that the larger the brain, the person is only slightly smarter than the others. So, the assumptions of our ancestors are not entirely justified.

Since different kinds of scholars and writers expressed the thought that people with large head size should be bigger brain, and it will make them smarter. Even in modern science there are advocates of the theory that human intelligence may depend on the volume of the brain. However, a new study has shown that even the largest size of the brain does not guarantee the owner any additional bonuses in the form of obtaining a prestigious job and research awards. The increase in brain a very little effect on the intellectual capacity of man. This conclusion scientists from the University of Pennsylvania made on the basis of MRI scans of the brain more than 13 600 people.

The researchers managed to detect the positive relationship between brain volume and performance of the cognitive tests, however its value was not determinative, and this svzi accounted for no more than 2% success. On average, people with larger brain better cope with cognitive tests, compared with owners of small brain. But scientists emphasize that from the point of view of educational and intellectual capacity, the difference may be the level of statistical error.

This means that the development of human intelligence more significant is the impact of other factors besides brain size. For example, education of parents, level of education, nutrition, amount of stress in life and the like. Well, the assumptions of scientists about the relationship between brain size and intelligence of a human was confirmed only very partially. (READ MORE)