Night snacking ruin your health

Eating late at night is destructive to health, and particularly dangerous for the heart – this habit increases the risk of developing diseases of the heart muscle and blood vessels. This is revealed in research involving nearly 13 thousand people aged 18 to 76 years, carried out by experts from the American heart Association.

To begin with, the experts studied the dietary habits of voluntary participating in the project. After this, respondents were asked to follow their usual lifestyle, but occasionally the subjects were tested. In the end, it was discovered: if in life people have a place late meals and night snacks for their health grows, the risk of damaging it from many factors.

In particular, in the group of subjects who are prone to nonempirical, was increased cholesterol levels. Also these volunteers were high test level fasting blood sugar, and many had elevated insulin levels, and blood pressure.

“Night snacks are very dangerous: they threaten to obesity, development of diabetes of the second type, thrombosis, hypertension and other problems indicating the development of inflammatory processes in the body,” stated the researchers.
According to them, a large number of study participants from those who used later to dinner, had discovered signs of this condition as prediabetes. In 70% of cases it transforms into a full-fledged type II diabetes.

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