Red meat triggers cancer in women

Minimize consumption of red meat can help women avoid several types of cancer – a study conducted in Britain, indicates the ability of the product to provoke cancer, particularly cancer of the rectum and colon.

“Frequent consumption of red meat increases the risk of cancer in women” – to such conclusion came scientists from the University of Leeds.
This conclusion was made on the basis of information obtained in the course of seventeen-year observations. Researchers analyzed physical characteristics of more than 32 thousand women.

The analysis allowed to consider the consumption of red meat precipitating factor in the development of cancer in women. Among those of them who had a weakness for red meat and often eat, the number of cases was 35% higher than among others.

You cannot deny the fact that red meat contains in large volume, and nutrients, noted scientific experts. According to them, completely abandon its use is still not worth it. Scientists recommended amount is 3-4 standard servings of meat a week. According to representatives of science, women, family members who suffered from colon cancer should be especially careful to control the consumption of red meat.

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