Eggs C1 checked for quality

Examination of the quality of chicken eggs category C1 conducted a “Roskontrol”, selecting for her products from reputable manufacturers. In particular, it was tested chicken eggs brands “Maraschino”, “Rustic”/”Roskar”, “Our family”/”Bird land”, “Okskiy”, “Extra praxis.”

The experts noted that eggs before cooking should always be washed thoroughly, on the surface of eggs can be dangerous bacteria. If the shell of the egg has a crack, it may not be of high quality, because these cracks allow the microorganisms easily penetrate inside. According to GOST no damage to the egg shells should not be. The audit showed that the lack thereof can not boast of chicken eggs C1 category from brands “Our family”/”the land of birds”.

At the same time lovers of chicken eggs should settle down, bacteria to check products experts have not found. In any of the samples of chicken eggs C1 category was not revealed violations of safety requirements according to the criteria of the microflora found no Salmonella or Listeria. In addition, it was found that eggs C1 clean from antibiotics.

As for the yolks, they are, according to experts, in all samples in accordance with GOST. But here’s a good protein, as it turned out, there not all chicken eggs category C1. The perfect quality of protein differs wellproduced brand “Oka”, the rest do not reach the Standard stated by the experts.

Also, they had proven indicators of food value of eggs, which depends on the poultry diet. Best quality in this respect, unlike the “Bird land” and “Oka”.

In the end, the winners of quality control of eggs of category C1 in the Russian shops there were two sample – “Oka” and “Maraschino”. The remaining samples were included in the list of goods remarks.

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