What helps against sunburn

Extended sun baths in the summer months. Those who fail to protect themselves properly, or his skin to the sun exposes, has to fight quickly with the unpleasant consequences of sunburn: feeling of tension, redness, and itching of the skin. Your body cool and to help the skin in the Regeneration, you should consider some First aid measures.

After-Sun lotions and oily creams

If the redness keeps in limits, you can contribute an ordinary After-Sun cream for the relief. The special lotions from the pharmacy or chemist to supply the irritated skin with sufficient moisture. Extra tip: Make the After-Sun one hour before use in the refrigerator, your skin will be cooled later. Since it lacks now, especially to moisture, and can also help oily creams. A home remedy from the organic market is coconut oil, which can be applied as a Lotion on the skin.

Aloe Vera

A real miracle weapon for sunburn is Aloe Vera: The Gel is attributed to a healing and cooling effect on skin irritations and wounds. For this purpose, small pieces of the Plant can be cut off and the affected part of the body to be treated. Who has a copy at home, can be used to make the Gel – enriched with preservatives – even in the pharmacy buy. In addition, Aloe Vera is a component of many After-Sun lotions.


Anyone who has to fight through a sunburn with hot flashes, need to cool his body from the inside. The lost moisture, you should drink plenty of water or light spritzers. On sugary sodas and alcohol you can choose the best.


Another home remedy for sunburn is Aspirin: The drug has to be taken in case of suspicion or the first slight signs of a sunburn. In the best case, it can inhibit the inflammation, or mitigate.

Cortisone and doctor’s visit

The one who burned stronger, can apply in an emergency cortisone in the Form of a gel on the skin. Your skin is affected, however, particularly strong, or there are symptoms such as Nausea, helps only a visit to the doctor. It is important in the case of any sunburn also, for several days no more the heat of the midday sun. Give your skin a break.

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